Top Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer

Woo Hoo! You’re engaged! Congratulations!

Now comes the big question… do you have your photographer?


Too daunting of a task to think of right now?

Not to worry, choosing a wedding photographer is really not that difficult if you know what to ask. Being educated about each photographer’s qualifications and offerings is the first step to narrowing down the list of choices.

We have answered thousands of questions from hundreds of couples and we have narrowed down the most important questions that everyone should know. This list is not 100 questions long! This is a relatively short list but these questions are the ones that are the most important ones.

So let’s begin!

1. How many weddings have you photographed? First off, why is this important? It is important because it shows experience. You want a photographer that has photographed more than a few weddings. Experience is necessary because you want a photographer who knows what they are doing! How to pose couples and groups. Knowing what photographs to take and how to take them is key to quality photography. You don’t want to have to tell your photographer what photographs to take and how to pose people you have enough to think about; and besides what are you paying them for?

2. Do you do photography full time? Not all photographers do this as their main job. More and more people are picking up photography as a hobby or to bring in some extra income. Weekend warriors are rampant in the photography industry. This is something you may want to know. To some couples, it does not matter, but if it does matter then this is a good question to ask.

3. Do you carry backup equipment? This also goes to experience. Every photographer who has been in business for awhile knows that anything can happen and usually does. Only carrying one camera and lens is just asking for failure. And you certainly don’t want that failure to happen at your wedding!

4. Do you have business insurance? Not only to cover equipment but liability as well. This is a sign of a professional. A professional business should always have insurance.

5. What will you wear to photograph my wedding? You would be surprised what we have seen photographers wear to photograph in. You should know going in if you can expect yoga pants or black jeans or professional attire. If you are having a casual wedding and don’t care then you do not need to worry. But if you are having a wedding where you do not expect to see yoga pants and flip flops then you should make that clear up front.

6. How long after the wedding will our photographs be available? Some photographers will take as long as 6 months to edit a wedding. You should know how long to expect before you book.

7. How many edited images can I expect? This is important because some photographers take 2,000 images but only edit and deliver 300. You should know in advance if you will receive all of your photographs, less bad ones of course, or only a selection of photographs taken.

8. Do I receive my high-resolution digital files and will they be watermarked and resized? A combination question but it all goes together. Of course, you want to know if you will receive your digital files. The vast majority of photographers do offer them in their packages but there are still some holdouts that will charge extra for them, so you should know. And along the same lines, some photographers will resize and watermark the digital files that they give you so that you are still forced to order prints from them.

9. What is your deposit and when is the balance due? Again, you should know this up front before you book. Every photographer will do this differently. The average options are; a specific deposit amount with the balance due before the wedding; a 1/3 now, 1/3 before the wedding and the final 1/3 upon delivery; payment plans etc. Just make sure you know when and how everything is due.

10. Are the photographs that I see in your samples a good indication of your style? This is important. You want to like the photographs that your favorite photographer is showing you. If you do not like the sample photographs then that is a good indication that you will not like the photographs they take for you. You cannot expect the photographer to shoot in a different style just because they have a price and personality that you like. Make sure you love the whole package!

11. Are there any additional fees I should be aware of? Taxes, editing, travel, meals, additional time etc etc. You should know these things before you book.

12. Do you have a contract? Never book a photographer without a contract! This protects both of you.

OK, so did I overwhelm you? I certainly hope not! Of course, there are other questions to ask, lots of them, but these are what I would consider the most important. And you should ask about packages and other details but this is the nitty gritty must know stuff.

Good luck! And try not to get too overwhelmed!

Guidelines to Help Any Amateur Photographer When Photographing at a Friend’s Wedding

As a photographer there are two common questions asked at a wedding. The first question is invariably how much did that camera cost? My reply is always honest and is usually met with a sharp intake of breath by the individual who have passed question. The second most common question that is asked is “what advice do you have for anyone wishing to become a wedding photographer?” This is a difficult question to answer as the individuals usually thinks that being a photographer is simply owning a camera. It is important that anyone who wishes to become a professional photographer understands that they have a certain responsibilities when it comes to taking photographs of an event that is both as special and as unique as a wedding. Nevertheless, there are certain guidelines that can help any amateur photographer achieve a good results when photographing at a friend’s wedding. It must be stressed however that these guidelines cannot and will not make any one into a professional photographer.

Every photographer has his or her own style that is developed over time; therefore don’t expect to have a style of photography without the experience to develop your own personal style. It would therefore be incorrect of me to try and pretend that there are any shortcuts to experience. This being so I will not endeavour to explain the technical side of photography but assume that you will be using your digital SLR camera in the fully automatic mode, and will be recording your images as JPEG files. If however you feel more confident and wish to use either aperture priority, shutter priority, or for the Manual modes on your camera and even shoot in raw, then I would ask that you ensure you are fully proficient as a photographer be free for endeavouring to take control of these settings on your camera.

Wedding Photography Guidelines

One: it is important that a couple getting married think about and discussed with the photographer the type of images they are expecting. The bride and groom need to be happy that the finished results will match the expectations, moreover, exceed them. Ask the question; one style of photography do you require? The answer may be traditional, where every one of stands shoulder to shoulder, or reportage where the photographer documents today through the images and hopefully, days both the story and the emotion of the wedding. The couple may also ask for a more contemporary style where the images are both candid and perhaps a little more quirky than would otherwise be expected. Moreover the couple may decide that they would like a selection of styles to match different criteria, for example the traditional style to keep parents and grandparents happy, reportage, to create a wedding album that will tell the story of the day and the contemporary style of photographs to capture the amusement for friends and family.

Having established the style of images required by the bride and groom it is important to convey the necessity of producing a list of important photographs that must be captured. There is nothing worse than discovering ‘great Aunt Bertha’ was missed out of the official photographs, as great Aunt Bertha will think that this was deliberate and that you never liked her in the first place! This can and does happen but by asking the bride and groom to look at their guest list and compile a list of photographs will help alleviate the possibility of embarrassment.

I always find it advantageous to ask the bride and groom if they can nominate a friend or family member who can act as a co-ordinator for the photographs. The bride and groom will not have time to round up friends and family and as a photographer I generally have no idea who the individuals listed are. Enlisting a co-ordinator to assist has a number of benefits, firstly this person should have an idea to all the individuals are at all know if they are not available. Second because this person can be getting one group together for a photograph while the preceding group as their photograph taken this speeds up the process considerably preventing people from getting bored and disappearing. The third benefit is that because the official wedding photographs are taken in a shorter time than would otherwise be possible, both photographer and the bride and groom will be less fatigued by the process.

Choose Your Location

I believe it is important that as a wedding photographer you understand the wedding venue. This may require visiting the venue on a date before the wedding or if this is not possible arriving before the wedding party in order to look around and find the best places for the photographs. I usually try to meet the bride and groom at the venue before the wedding day in order to take some pre-wedding photographs.

Understanding your location will also help in the event of bad weather. For many people weather he’s the one thing that they feel will ruin their wedding photographs. However if we understand our environment then we are able to ensure that even in bad weather we are able to produce remarkable images by using our imagination and our environment to greatest effect.

Don’t forget that the couple have often gone to great lengths to choose a wedding venue that is beautiful and often expect to have photographs that reflect this beauty. Try to capture the detail of the day both in the architecture and the grounds of the wedding venue. It is also important to capture the decoration, those details chosen by the bride that make her wedding different from every other. This is another reason why a arriving before the wedding party may be useful as it may give you time to take those photographs that may otherwise be forgotten.

Consider Your Equipment

If you are photographing a friend’s wedding it would be very unfortunate if that friendship was spoiled because you lost the images, or indeed whenever able to take them in the first place. My advice would be to ensure that you have two cameras available to you. Perhaps you can borrow one as a spare or perhaps it would be better to hire a camera, but it is important that you do have a backup in case there is a problem. Ensure you have a memory card that will not be filled up in the first 20 minutes. So often I have seen people with expensive cameras running out of space on their memory card and so not able to continue taking photographs.

When using a flash it is important to use a flash diffuser. Most churches and registry offices have quite low light levels. It is very rare that you are allowed to use flash during a ceremony. Therefore it is advisable to use a tripod or mono pod and a fast lens with engage stabilisation. If you are allowed to use flash can consider balancing the flash off the ceiling or walls, but remember if the ceiling or walls are a colored surface then you will add a colour cast to the picture.

When shooting outside after the ceremony or during the formal photography you may require your flash to fill in the shade. It can be useful even when you are shooting in daylight particularly in an area that is back lit or when the sun is causing harsh shadows. The remember to reduce the power of the flash in order to prevent the highlights from being blown out.

Expect The Unexpected

It is good to remember that even in the best planned weddings things can go wrong. Always be ready to capture the amusement and tenderness of those moments. They can make the day unique. It may be the weather, it may be that the people hired to decorate the reception venue ran out of balloons, the best man mislaid the rings or the flower girl decides she wants her daddy, always be ready to capture those moments.

As the photographer you are the eyes of the bride and groom, but your eyes see what they fail to see and capture those moments for ever.

Wedding photography is about having fun; we are celebrating the beginning of the two people’s new lives together as they are joined together in matrimony. When we ask people to smile and a smile because they are told to very quickly they get tired and their faces begin to make with the effort. I believe that as a photographer I should engage with the bride and groom in such a way that they have fun and smile naturally because they are enjoying themselves. When this is achieved there are no aching faces because we are designed to have fun and will be reflected in the photographs that will form the final wedding album.

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – What Is Their Attitude?

Reading the title of this article you are probably wondering what attitude has to do with photography or your wedding; to my thinking an awful lot!

The Wedding Press, Wedding Blogs and Photographers web sites are full of advice on choosing your photographer. The Press and Wedding Blog writers will emphasize such as carefully looking at previous weddings they have shot, looking at the quality of Albums they sell, carefully considering the price, looking at ways of reducing the price, asking for a free engagement shoot, or asking for a disc only shoot and making your own Album etc etc. While Photographers web site will wax lyrically about their qualifications with a professional body, their insurance level, what their packages include, how many hours they will spend with you, how low their price is or justifying how high their price is!

Although all of the above are valid ways of searching for your Wedding Photographer it is wise to look at these tangibles before explaining why Attitude is vitally important in your choice.

  • Previous Wedding Images – For sure any Photographer is only going to show you his best work in print, firstly because it would be madness to show you average or bad work and secondly the cost of producing multiple sample albums is prohibitive.
  • Looking at Album Quality – Sample Album quality is directly relational to price up to a point. A photographer who values his work and puts time and effort into correctly processing your images will only use high quality Albums from established Album Printers. Why would someone who values their own work offer you a cheap coffee table book from a mass market producer.
  • Look at ways to reduce cost – If you need to reduce cost at your wedding you need to reduce it across the board. There is a price point for Photographers below which it does not make economic sense to work – although you will always find some who will if you do not value the photographic memories. Few Photographers can find weddings to shoot 5 days a week 48 weeks of the year, then there is the time needed on top of a Wedding for meetings with the Bride & Groom, processing the images (a minimum of 2 x the wedding booking), transport to and from the wedding, insurance and lets not forget equipment (which unlike your home camera will wear out & get damaged).
  • Free Engagement Shoot – Well done you get something for free, if a photographer is prepared to do it for free then he has worked it into his price already or he has made the decision that you have booked and paid the deposit so if you don’t get on with him and cancel after the engagement shoot he has your deposit.
  • Disc Only – There is a market for shoot to Disc but for the photographer it relies on high volume number of weddings a year on this single package. It is often favored by new start up photographers as a way of quickly building up a number of weddings. Lets be honest 40 weddings a year at $500 is not a bad supplement to a full time income but would never cover the costs of a full time business. If anybody did a study of those Brides opting for Disc Only Photography I am sure it would show that less than 20% ever have any of the pictures printed, they just end up on social media. Most photographers would be happy to give you your Album images perfectly prepared for Social Media anyway.

The 2 big things that Photographers will tell you about are:

  • Insurance – This should be a given and something every bride should ask about. Personal Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance are a must. Unfortunately, just like car drivers, there are those who will not have it either to save money or out of ignorance. Just like the uninsured driver, you will get little recompense from an uninsured photographer if something goes drastically wrong or their actions injure one of your guests.
  • Professional Membership – to my knowledge there are about 10 ‘Professional Photographic Organizations’ in the USA and 6 in the UK and no doubt similar numbers in other Countries. In the USA and the UK none of them are Mandatory. For most Membership is as easy as paying $2-300 per year. Any qualifications awarded by one particular organization are rarely recognized by another and are, in general rescinded when you stop paying your membership. In reality you can gain a qualification with one organization at age 20 and as long as you continue to pay your membership you will have hat qualification at 50 without anybody assessing your ability in between!

So while all of the above are integral parts of looking for your photographer what has attitude got to do with it all and why do I think it should be an important part of your decision making.

Everything you pay for your Wedding Day is consumed on that day, the venue, the celebrant, flowers, cars, suits, dress, food, band, disco or fireworks; the next morning they are used. You go away on honeymoon and the memories start to fade.

Your lasting memories will be contained in the images taken on your day; those images are the trigger for good feelings and memories not bad. How you got on with your photographer will be the biggest influence of those feelings. Every time you open your Album you cannot help but trigger memories of the photographer.

Yes when you see the Dress Pictures you will think of the dressmaker, the venue will trigger memories of the staff and food and pictures of the flowers thoughts of the florist.

You need to get on with your photographer from the moment you meet them for the first time – their attitude needs to match yours in the same way you would never choose or recommend a Wedding Planner you clashed with!

After your wedding planner, if you have one, the next person who has a plan and overview of the whole day is your photographer; in the absence of a wedding planner they should be your De-facto Planner, organizer and timekeeper but can they step up to the mark?

Three things to consider when looking for your Photographer are Passion, the Iceberg and can they ‘step up to the mark’.

  • Passion – In reality does not matter how many awards your photographer has or how cheap they are! You have to be able to work with your photographer and they with you. After all you want the Photographs from your wedding to be your lasting memories of the day not your struggle with the photographer. Plan early, by all means look at the awards or price but most of all find someone who shares your passion for Your Wedding. Someone who is happy to take your calls at anytime to discuss your plans, someone who will accept changes to the running order without concern, someone who can adapt their flow to cope with over runs, late arrivals etc.
  • Iceberg – Knowledge and Skills are very important when choosing your wedding photographer and they are apparent above the surface in their marketing or in questions you can ask. Don’t forget to ask about a photographer’s depth of experience – do they only do weddings? What else have they done? What life experiences do they have in their armory that may come in handy? What is not always visible and is easy to hide behind a polished sales pitch just like an iceberg is the attitude. Get to know your photographers – are they putting on a pretense or is what you see what you get. Consider not asking for free engagement shoots but offering to pay your short list of 2 or 3 for a shoot. It might seem expensive but you will work with the photographer as a paying customer who has not made their decision yet and get a true feeling for the photographer. You may be able to do a deal based on the fact you have not made a decision at that stage.
  • Stepping up to the mark! – When push comes to shove will your photographers put down their cameras, roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to help with any aspect of your day? It is the little things that matter, are they likely to pull out a sewing kit to quickly repair a hem, will they help the venue re-arrange things if the heavens open and the group shots have to be moved inside? etc etc.

You might never know for sure till disaster looms but if you have made sure you have no conflicts and understand the attitude (not the sales pitch) of your photographer then you will feel safer that any potential disaster can be averted or resolved quickly.

The attitude of your Photographer and how you relate to them is vitally important to your Wedding Day; it can be the key to your lasting memories. Yes the ability and professionalism of the photographer is important as will be the price point for many but your relationship with the Photographer is paramount. Does their Attitude match your expectations.

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