The Benefits of Having Two Photographers at Your Wedding

When it comes to deciding upon which photographer to book for your wedding, there are many factors that come into play; pricing, style, album choices, any recommendations, are just a few. However, one factor mostly overlooked is does the photographer offer a 2nd photographer?

Not every photographer offers a second photographer (sometimes called a 2nd shooter) in their package, or some may charge for this extra. But, what’s the fuss of having one? This article will help you realise what the benefits are.

But, before we begin, don’t get confused between a 2nd photographer and an assistant. The former takes photographs, and the latter assists the main photographer by carrying the equipment or helping holding extra lighting. Although, the former can also be the latter.

Firstly, have you ever taken a look at a wedding album and saw photographs of the happy couple at the altar, and on the next page a long shot looking down the aisle? No matter how great the main photographer is, their main fault is that they are just one person, and as a result, they can only be in one place at a time. So, by having a second photographer, this wouldn’t be a problem. The two photographers work as a team and ensure that neither of them are caught in camera as that would break the illusion.

Secondly, having a good second photographer, means you will get more shots for your money. This is because the main photographer will be shooting at one angle, and the 2nd shooter can take shots from a different angle, which creates a different view of the main shot. Also, the second photographer acts as an insurance policy for the main photographer. One of the nightmares that most wedding photographers face is the prospect of missing the important shot. This can be caused by either the Bride or Groom moving slightly to spoil the angle of the shot, or by any other factor. So, by having a 2nd photographer shooting at a different angle can take away that pressure.

The 2nd photographer can also be busy taking candid shots of guests, whilst the principal photographer can concentrate on shooting the main couple during the romantic portraits section of the day.

Another benefit of having a 2nd shooter is that in the unlikely event of the main photographer’s camera equipment failing, then they are in a position to continue shooting with the 2nd photographer’s equipment. Although, they should have back up equipment (and so should all good wedding photographers), it is more of a case of ensuring that the worse that could happen doesn’t happen.

So, when choosing your wedding photographer, find out if they do have a 2nd photographer available. Some photographers will charge extra for this. So, if you want extra value, consider one who includes a 2nd photographer with their packages.

Don’t Regret Not Hiring A Professional Photographer

One of the challenges of being a “wedding photographer”, rather than someone who just “takes photos at weddings” is showing the meaning within a photograph – and using that image to tell a story. It takes more than just a great camera to take a great photograph.

Of course, technology is amazing these days. It’s almost impossible to buy a phone without a camera on it. And those cameras have more mega pixels than some of the first digital cameras! The high-end digital camera market is incredible. The dynamic range, features and build quality of professional cameras is truly amazing – it’s important to remember that. As a professional photographer it’s very easy to forget how amazing technology is. You can get cameras now, that you choose the focus point after the photograph is taken – that blows my mind. It’s even more important to remember that without vision and understanding, these images would just be pixels. Boring pixels… Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Fashion magazine Vogue, published an article January 2016 saying that hiring a professional photographer to photograph your wedding “made sense back in the olden days, pre-Facebook albums and Instagram”. They also went on to say that you could “scatter some disposable cameras around the party and let your drunken guests go to town”. If you have friends anything like mine, I’m sure you’d know that this is not good advice.

In Vogue’s defence, the article was about breaking traditions and throwing out the rule book – which I’m all for. Of course every wedding is different, but it’s when a couple really put their personality into a wedding that it becomes so much more than different. It becomes, personal and that’s so much more interesting… Anyway, I’m getting side tracked.

One of the main reasons to hire a professional for anything is consistency. And a professional photographer is no different. They’re able to deliver beautiful images, in all conditions and deliver those images consistently. That doesn’t mean getting a few lucky shots while the couple are stood still, in good lighting. It means delivering over 400 photographs that all demonstrate an understanding of lighting and composition. It also means being able to produce those high quality images, day in day out, year on year.

The example I like to use is I’ve probably been using scissors since I was 5 or 6, but you wouldn’t trust me to cut your hair. As I said before, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

One of the other main reasons to hire a professional is trust. Trust plays a huge role in a wedding photographers job role. You need to trust your photographer completely. Otherwise you won’t be able to relax, which will only make the photographers job even harder. So, making sure you trust them to get the photographs you want from your day is essential.

When I’m talking to couples about their wedding, I always explain how I photograph a wedding. I explain that I have a documentary approach – that means that I’ll be photographing their day with the goal of telling their story. If they’re looking for something different, then we part on good terms and they find a photographer who they can trust to get the photos that they want.

Weddings are hard work, I’m generally working for a good 13 hours – not including travel time. However I’ve never left a wedding without a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside! But it took me years and years to feel confident enough in my ability to photograph such an important day. If you think about it, it only takes a split second to miss the perfect photograph. When you add in the fact that the couple have probably spent thousands and thousands of pounds on this day that they’re only ever going to have once (well hopefully anyway). Then add in the emotional significance of the day and that’s a lot of weight on any photographer’s shoulders, let alone a professional.

But the pressure doesn’t stop there. What happens if something goes wrong? I could write a whole article about what could go wrong at a wedding (and maybe I will) but for now, let’s just say that not only will a professional photographer be able to cope with most unexpected situations, but they’ll have already removed as many of the risks as possible.

There’s a saying I like to use to justify buying something better and more expensive than I really need to my wife… “Buy cheap, buy twice.” And it’s great advice if you’re buying something like a freezer or a desk. Not so much for a once-in-a-lifetime event. A poll in New York Magazine stated that “21% of brides wished they had spent more on their wedding photography”. That’s 1 in 5! One in five! I know weddings are expensive, I’m married, so I really do know that weddings are expensive. But the photography will outlast your flowers, cake, bubbles and just about everything else from you wedding. It’s the photography that will form your lasting memories of your wedding, so if you skimp on your wedding photographer you may end up regretting it every time you see your photographs. Which will probably mean you hide them away and therefore have wasted your money – wedding photographs should be celebrated!

You and your partner will likely spend a huge amount of time planning your wedding. There are no small decisions – every detail matters. My wife and I pretty much spent a year planning our wedding. Everywhere we went we’d be taking photos for inspiration, cutting out ideas from magazines. When you pour so much of yourself into something why wouldn’t you choose a professional photographer. Ignoring the sentiment and meaning of the day, surely you want to show off all your hard work? And want it to look as beautiful as possible?

By choosing a specialist wedding photographer you’re choosing someone who will carefully compose each photograph, as your florist carefully selects each stem. Someone who pays attention to the details of each just as your dressmaker pays attention to each stitch.

Wedding photography shouldn’t be another cost or purchase. Wedding photography is an investment. I know that sounds a bit pretentious, but stay with me for a minute… An investment is something that becomes more valuable with time – that’s exactly what will happen to your wedding photos. It’s a sad fact of life that memories fade. But by investing in a professional wedding photographer you can help to preserve those memories, and not only that you will be able to share those memories with your loved ones. People who were at your wedding like your partner, your parents and best friends and people who weren’t, like your children can all share those memories with you and that’s really special.

That’s why you should invest in a professional wedding photographer. That’s why wedding photography is so valuable.

Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Potential Wedding Photographer

The following is a list of questions and ideas to help you choose your photographer. It is somewhat in order of importance, however varies to some degree.

1. Quality

The most important thing to think about when choosing a photographer is the quality. If you don’t like the work, then there is no reason to go any further. Quality includes many things. Does the work contain sharp images, correct exposure, non-blurry content, proper coloring, and the best cropping? Do the photos offer the best angle? Is their any variation in shots? Do they photograph everything? Is the content of the photographer’s pictures a style you like? This leads to the second suggestion.

2. Style

This can be included with quality. However, it puts more effort in considering the subject matter of the photos. Are the photos candid, are they posed, or are they photojournalistic? There are generally two types of wedding photography. One, being traditional, and the other photojournalism. Trends today are going to photojournalism, however that is a preference. I would suggest someone who tends to do both.

3. Do you like the photographer’s personality?

Personality is very important. If you do not gel well with the photographer, then there can be issues when taking photos. You need a photographer who can take command at times, but also step back behind the scenes as well. Also, is the photographer humorous? If they can’t make you smile, then all your pictures will have a frown.

4. What equipment do they have?

This is not a question of what brand name do they use. It is a question on what do they have. Do they have professional grade DLSR equipment? Or do they have a $600 camera? Correct camera equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. They all should have a least one back up camera. All photographers should have back up batteries, and back up flash drives. Photographers should have an external flash, if not more than one. They should have tripods and reflectors. The most important thing in their equipment, and yes I said most important, is their lenses. A great photographer can produce great images with a decent lens on most consumer cameras. Add a professional camera, and you get better images. Of course if you like fish-eye effects, and other effects then they will need those lenses as well. Most people forget about the computer. Many effects you see in photos are done on a computer. If they don’t have a decent computer and computer software, then how are they going to offer you the best results? Also, ask if they have a calibrated monitor, as that is an important issue when printing your photos.

5. What does the photographer offer?

If the photographer doesn’t offer anything other than a CD, they maybe not be your best bet. Make sure they offer albums, print photographs, or have other things you may be interested in. A photographer who knows how to print is going to give you better photographs. It is plane and simple because output is as important than just a cd of pictures. Just because you have pictures does not mean the photos are calibrated correctly.

6. What experience do they have?

Many people will suggest that experience is one of the most important things. I tend to say that it less important. I have 5 years of wedding photography experience, with years of film experience. When I got into wedding photography, digital was fairly recent. A few years prior film was the norm. So a photographer with 20 years of experience is irrelevant. If a film photographer hasn’t grasped the digital age well, then you may not want them to photograph your wedding. Also, I am a proponent of new talent. There are a lot of photographers who are new and are far better then many who are out there for years. Why? Many trends exist in photography. If you are new to the scene, often times you are immersed in those trends. Some photographers stay with the old trends and may not know about new styles, or even new equipment. The down side of someone who is new is that they don’t have a reputation of reproducing great images. They may have great images, but can they continue to produce great images? That is something that you will have to weigh cost verses benefits. Most new photographers have been an assistant. You could always ask for references if you have a concern about a photographer.

7. What is their education?

I often see people suggest that you ask about their education. That is flat out irrelevant. I have a B.A. in Photography. I hardly learned anything in school. Universities in America often don’t teach practical experience. You may learn to take photos in school, but it doesn’t help with personal skills, or even how to run a business. If a person has a degree it may be beneficial, but that’s it. It also goes with what clubs they are apart of. Most people suggest you be part of a club or an association. There are many benefits to it. Often though you pay money to be a part of it, however it is no statement of the quality of photos. This is why it goes back to the importance of quality. Many of the best photographers have no degree whatsoever.

8. Price

Your investment in photography is very important. It is one thing that will last a lifetime. The wedding day only lasts one day. Prices can vary from city to city. However, generally photographers under $1000 for just them to show up are not that great in quality. They may tell you they are, but do a side-by-side comparison and you will see the differences. Who knows though, you might get lucky. A really high priced photographer doesn’t mean they are the best. Some people have a higher overhead and therefore have to charge more. When considering price you still have to consider quality. Also, often times when you look for photographers outside the major metropolitan areas the prices go down. So you might be able to find bargains there. The downside is that they may not be as familiar with the locations in your city. A rule of thumb for pricing can be the following and includes just for the photographer to show up:

0-$500 – still learning, assisting, creating a portfolio (Craigslist)
$500-$1000 – has some technical skill, but needs lots of improvement
$1000-$1250 – has a lot of skill, experience, and knowledge, but can still improve
$1250-$3000 – Almost the best
$3000 + – The elite of the photographers

Now, just because I said this it doesn’t mean you can just pick and choose a price range. The trap by some photographers is that they think that if they charge more, clients will think they are better than everyone else. Unfortunately clients fall into this game and get lousy photographers.

8. Other concerns

There are many photographers who often take about 6-12 months to deliver you your photos. That is way too long, and unnecessary. However, you don’t want them too soon. If they are rushed then quality of your images will be rushed as well. If a photographer is overburdened with too many weddings, then problems can also arise. Mistakes can happen, and they may also neglect your photos.

Also, does the photographer offer online proofs? This can be a major benefit to you and allow you to see your photos sooner. Also, what does their portfolio look like? How they present their portfolio will also reflect the quality of their work. Do they have a great looking website? Believe it or not, the website itself is one of the biggest ways to check a photographers quality. A photographer isn’t going to spend thousands of dollars on a website if they haven’t had at least some success.

Also make sure to sign a contract. This is for the safety of you and your photographer. Just make sure to read the fine print.

Copyrights are also important. Many charge extra money for copyrights. See if you can arrange a way to get them, or expect to continue to return to your photographer any time you want photos. Which in the long run might cost more.

Also, do the photographers dress appropriately? You don’t want someone dressed in shorts or a red shirt walking around a church. It is very distracting, and I have seen it done.

Lastly do the photographers charge extra for travel? Any extra costs can create a big toll in the end.

There are many other things that could be asked, but these are some of questions that I have discovered over time. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whom you like the most. Good luck.

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